At Pinnacle it’s not just about what we do to achieve the results; it’s about how we go about the job. It's about everything we do that is supported by proven processes and methodologies. The process brings clarity of thought to every project.

Strategic thinking. Sets us apart. It’s about the road map from
Where are you to Where do you want to be.
This simple yet strategic approach forms the basis of our approach

  What do we do?
We help companies make decisions: branding, marketing, advertising, product strategy, and pricing decisions.
From the retail sector to financial services and industrial products we conduct a wide range of research employing diverse research methodologies encompassing surveys, focus group discussions, personal interviews and mystery shopping.
We guide executive decision makers to make decisions that build market share and margins.
We map marketing strategy opportunities and options through the Pinnacle 4 Questions Model®
How do we do?

All research projects are conducted by a Senior Consultant from start to finish.
We have hands on involvement at all stages of the research, including attending all meetings, set up, topic guide/ questionnaire design, supervising the qualitative fieldwork, project management, analysis and reporting.
Finally the report is presented in a format customized to your individual needs via softcopy and/or hardcopy.
We offer Research & Consultancy services that range from syndicated research to insightful market research services.