About Us

Pinnacle is set up by credible marketing practitioners with vast experience of local market, and is backed up by a leading integrated marketing services group of Oman.

Pinnacle employs a host of innovative analytical research tools tailored to the specific requirement of the client. Moreover our understanding of the local Oman market semantics supports our team of senior researchers and project managers to work towards our goal.

Pinnacle’s mission is to introduce professional and global standards in Market Research services in the Oman market by offering objective, fact-based decision support and implementation, grounded in rigorous research and thought leadership.

Our expertise lies in providing custom-made solutions to individual clients' research and business needs. We provide innovative design, execution and interpretation of marketing research to deliver fresh consumer insights and market knowledge to clients.

We measure research excellence by accountability. Actionable results begin with thorough planning. The results include a clearly articulated decision making path for accountable managerial recommendations.